If You Are Looking For Local UTSA Football Coverage…

There is a new order in San Antonio Sports Radio for all of the UTSA fans that are tired of hearing double-segments on UT-Austin or aTm followed by maybe a couple minutes for UTSA.  CBS Sports Radio 860AM is the place to tune from 4-6PM weekdays.  Walter Pasacrita (@saradioboy on Twitter and Periscope) has come back to the airwaves and is giving the local teams some much needed attention and news love.  He covers the major sports stories and does give UT-Austin airtime but he does not sacrifice the local base to pay aumage to the P5 conferences.

And for those that want to see an inside look at sports talk radio, install Periscope on your phone or tablet and do a search for Walter Pasacrita or SARadioBoy.  Periscope, for those that have not used it, is a video streaming app that lets a person use their phone to shoot video and stream it to anyone that is interested in watching.  With this, Wally live-streams his show.  Just like most of the shows are using Twitter (which he also uses) you can send messages/comments through Periscope.  During the commercial breaks is where the real action is though.  He bounces between his Twitter, Periscope and producer and let’s loose whatever he is thinking.  He will talk directly with you and let you know what is coming up.  What his plans are for the upcoming week and ask what you want to talk about.  It’s an interesting inside look at what happens when there is a break for commercial.

For those that have followed me this past year you know where I stand in the UTSA Athletics support.  (For those that don’t, take a quick read at the “about us” page).  Linda and I are fully committed to UTSA Athletics.  As such, I will support and patronize those businesses and services that support UTSA.  So although I cannot always make his show due to my work schedule, when I can I will be there; on Periscope or Twitter or just on my car radio.  But I will support his efforts to give support to UTSA. 

And to you Wally:  Thanks for what you are doing.  I hope that one of these days we can meet so I can shake your hand and thank you personally. 


::: Go ‘Runners :::

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