Arrived in Oklahoma City last night and managed to get a decent amount of sleep.   With the 6pm start today and no access to the parking lots until noon, we were able to sleep in a bit.  But the morning process has started.  Linda is getting all dressed up in the colors and I’m updating this blog.  We will be leaving shortly to grab a few drinks and such that we decided to not drive up with us from San Antonio.  Then we will work our way the 40 or so miles to Stillwater and walk some of the campus.  Hope to have theRead More →

PARTY CRASHING How many months has it been?  How many nights have gone by without the smell of sausage and brisket on the grill and the sounds of proud UTSA fans talking up their school?  How long has it been since we have spent time with our UTSA brethren?  Joined together in spirit and conversation about our team?  About these special 18 players that have given all they have for UTSA football?  About these few that have sacrificed, suffered and endured the Texas heat while being told they were not good enough to play with the big teams?  About these boys, now men, that haveRead More →