Getting ready for FAU… Egad, what to take… Time to decide which tailgate pieces go with us & which stays home.  David thinks we can fit our smaller tent, 2 chairs, the little side table and our small twenty-foot flagpole and stand.  Um… did I mention we’re flying?  That is all going on the plane – in one of those hard golf club cases.  How’s that for thinking outside the box?  We will also be taking the “Rowdy’s Roadhouse Cookies”, in my luggage. 🙂 Unfortunately, none of “the Boys” will be able to join us.  Can you imagine the guy scanning luggage if he sawRead More →

“…one step further” David is not the only one with a tendency to take things ‘one step further’.  When he suggested I make “several” dozen cookies for the big UH Tailgate Party  [special thanks to all the hosts, especially Anthony & Matty]  I just could not stop at a simple sugar, chocolate chip &/or peanut butter cookie.  But how do you elevate humble little cookies and turn them into “Rowdy’s Roadhouse Cookies”?!? Okay, so the peanut butter are simply that.  No tricks, no twists, just topped with orange or blue sugar – you just cannot improve on a yummy peanut butter cookie.  And, initially, thereRead More →

Oh the things I (Linda) get myself into… Just ask my mom, the football & baseball expert in our family. I’ve never been a sports fan – only attended games that my siblings were in because, duh, they are my siblings. Then I married a Kentucky basketball fanatic (they are just as bad as TX Aggies & football). And I became a Wildcat fan, then a Spurs fan. Now I’m dressed in orange and all about the Roadrunners! My mom hardly recognizes me… Now, as David has mentioned, we are also tailgaters. Out of control, over the top, tailgaters… I don’t remember how the wholeRead More →

[gallery_bank type=”images” format=”filmstrip” title=”false” desc=”false” img_in_row=”5″ animation_effect=”slideInRight” image_width=”400″ album_title=”true” album_id=”1″] You Know This Is A Reserved Lot! So we arrive in Stillwater and locate our parking lot.  No we are not in the visitor lot.  And no, not in general public parking.  For a couple of weeks I spent some time watching the parking passes available on Stub Hub.  Plenty of Golden Spur parking passes available.  However I had some people coming to look for us and with all of the different Golden Spur lots, I would not be able to guarantee what lot I would end up in.  Also, a number of these lotsRead More →

RowdyCam Time Lapse Video of OSU Tailgate Saturday, September 13, 2014   Stillwater, OK   After an initial failed attempt at the Houston game to setup a live webcam, we tried again with different technology this week and had a moderate amount of success.  For those that are interested in the techie side of things, below is a run down of how this was setup and how I plan on taking it to the next level at the New Mexico home game.   My initial failed attempt was to use inexpensive USB based cameras tied into one of my old laptops.  What a miserable concept.Read More →