There is a new order in San Antonio Sports Radio for all of the UTSA fans that are tired of hearing double-segments on UT-Austin or aTm followed by maybe a couple minutes for UTSA.  CBS Sports Radio 860AM is the place to tune from 4-6PM weekdays.  Walter Pasacrita (@saradioboy on Twitter and Periscope) has come back to the airwaves and is giving the local teams some much needed attention and news love.  He covers the major sports stories and does give UT-Austin airtime but he does not sacrifice the local base to pay aumage to the P5 conferences. And for those that want to seeRead More →

All I can say is “Wow!”  What a night that was!  A great showing by the “youngest team in FBS.”  We made too many mistakes to win the game, but I am feeling very good about the prospects for the future!  As I’ve said in the past, I will be avoiding writing up  game recaps.  There are many other people out there that can do a much better job than I can with that.  But I have to give a few observations: Bogie was just about all that I expected.  He did a great job of reading the defense pre-snap.  Early on was throwing aRead More →

Tomorrow, September 3, 2015, we will witness the start of the Bogenschutz era of UTSA football.  I have made no secret of my support of Blake Bogenschutz as the new leader for UTSA.  I knew almost nothing of him last year until the Oklahoma St game.  I was in the stands and watched this inexperienced freshman come into the game and march UTSA down the field for a touchdown.  I watched as he stood in the pocket and waited until the last split-second to release the ball.  Willing to take the hit.  Not afraid or intimidated by the bigger, faster and more athletic OK StRead More →