About Us

So who are we?  Linda and I (David) are a couple of people living in San Antonio and experiencing the growth of a new football power!  We are a couple who have friends and co-workers who are Alums of or who work for UTSA.  We are a couple who decided to forgo a fancy trip to Europe for their 30th anniversary and spend the money instead to travel to all of the away UTSA football games in 2014.  We have not attended UTSA.  We are not reporters.  We are not writers.  We are not selling anything.  We are not promoting ourselves.  We are not ones to usually be open about our activities over the web.  We do not even have a Facebook account or Twitter account (until we just created the Twitter account for this blog).

That said, what we are is a couple who met Brooks Thompson and Lynn Hickey back when they were starting to promote the new football program.  We talked about getting season tickets for Football that first year and we went for it.  Before the season even started, we decided to get basketball season tickets also.  As it turned out we made some great decisions there.  For a couple that has been married for 30 years, it became a new series of “date nights.”  Doing something different, but together.  Having some time set aside on our calendars for us to spend time with each other.

Now…. I don’t know when it happened.  And I can’t tell you why it happened.  But as some point back in 2013, our self-control mechanism seems to have turned off.  We went from just going to the games.  To tailgating.  To tailgating with some friends and winning the Tailgater of the Game one week.  Then this year, we continued where we left off.  We grew from one tent, to three.  One flag to four.  No banners to a selection.  Etc.  Those of you that are into tailgating probably know what I’m talking about.  It is at the point where we have to decide what not to take in order to fit it all into the SUV.

So all of this has culminated into…  A year of following the football program to every game.  Of talking a friend into moving into our house to take care of our pets while we cruise the country following our ‘Runners’.  Of figuring out how to take it all to another level while maintaining some level of sanity.

So in 2014 we did it.  We went to all twelve games.  We traveled to Stillwater OK, Boca Raton FL, Houston TX (twice), Ruston LA and Bowling Green KY.  At the two games we flew to (KY and FL) we took our UTSA tent, flags, flag pole, chairs and live webcams.  At the rest we took it all.  The weather was a challenge with three tailgates being in the rain and Ky was pretty cold that morning.  But we were there.  Representing the spirit of UTSA Athletics.

Now that our 30th is over, we are moving forward with the next season.  The start of the Blake Bogenschutz era of UTSA football.  We will probably only make three road games this year looking at the schedule and my work schedule.  So keep an eye out for us at UNT, SM and UNCC.  For the home games, we will be in the RV lot just next to the Lot B sidewalk.

I don’t know about you but we are ready for another year of UTSA Football!  Let’s shock the world!!!!