31.5 Point Underdog? Ranked 2nd worst in FBS? Really?

All I can say is “Wow!”  What a night that was!  A great showing by the “youngest team in FBS.”  We made too many mistakes to win the game, but I am feeling very good about the prospects for the future!  As I’ve said in the past, I will be avoiding writing up  game recaps.  There are many other people out there that can do a much better job than I can with that.  But I have to give a few observations:

  • Bogie was just about all that I expected.  He did a great job of reading the defense pre-snap.  Early on was throwing a bit late/behind, but got better as he got used to the speed of Arizona.  Can’t believe we have fours years with him at the helm! 
  • Morgan was just a beast.  Running over the defense.  Finding the seams.  We will be watching him on Sundays for sure in the future.
  • Our running backs Jarveon and Jalen were just awesome.  Mostly staying with north-south movement, finding the holes and taking the quick cuts.  The draws were very effective and continued to catch Arizona off guard.
  • Offensive line and defensive lines were better than I had hoped for.  We protected Bogie well and caused a number of rushed passed by AZ.
  • Special teams needs some work.  Too many mistakes and miscues.  Hopefully we can work those out quickly.
  • The temper-tantrum by Rich Rod late in the game when the UTSA defense held them on four runs inside the 5 yd line was classic.  I hope someone records it and puts it up on Youtube so i can have a copy.

All in all, we hung with the 22nd ranked team in the nation.  We forced them to keep their starters in the entire game, which is not at all what Rich Rod was planning on.  New starters.  New offense.  I’m looking forward to the next few years to see where this leads!

From a watch-party standpoint, it did feel odd for Linda and I to not be at the game after attending off of them last year.  There was a bit of a cluster on where the game would be shown in San Antonio due to Direct TV not carrying the Pac12 network.  They kept teasing that it would be carried before the season started, but alas, it did not happen.  So about 90% of the sports bars in town did not carry the game.  Linda and I ended up over at Steely Nevadas off Bandera Rd hanging out with the great TailgateSA group.  We had a great time and I’ll tell you that it was rocking there.  If only the players could have heard all of the screaming and yelling!!! 

So thanks to the folks at Steely Nevadas for hosting us.  Thanks for Matty, Flip and all of the other great UTSA fans that were there.  One game down.  A loss.  But as good a loss as I can imagine.  Now let’s pack the Dome and rock the world against Kansas State next Saturday at 11am. 

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