It’s 7:30 on a Friday night. I’m sitting in my office drinking a bit of wine. A few minutes ago I finished packing the car for the final tailgate of the year. Funny how that sounds at this point. “Final tailgate.” Game number twelve. It seems like it was just a few weeks ago when we looked at each other and decided to take on this challenge. When we decided to spend the entire fall celebrating our 30 years of matrimony by going to every UTSA football game. And to not only go to every UTSA football game, but to represent the school in aRead More →

I know that when I started this blog, I wrote about not going into details on the actual football games and instead writing about some of our adventures following the team as we celebrate our 30th anniversary. Well, after witnessing the aftermath of the Rice game, I feel compelled to at least write about a more serious topic: what this season has meant to me even with a 2-7 record.   As I have stated in the past, I have no horse in this race. My wife and I did not attend UTSA. We have no vested interest in the University outside of some minorRead More →