What Self Control? Friday started about as expected.  We drove our way down highway A1A and did the tourist thing.  Stopping to take some photos at one of the beaches.  And found my wife’s neighborhood and home from back when she was eight.  Eventually we worked our way back around to the FAU campus. So we took the opportunity to go to the bookstore and pick up some souvenirs.  It was while we were in the bookstore that it happened.  We saw a stuffed FAU Owl mascot.  Innocent enough.  But when I saw it I just stared at Linda.  No words passed.  Silence.  Then aRead More →

So I have been asked how I managed to take tailgating supplies on an airplane to FAU. The answer is not that complicated. If you search the web you can find hard cases for your golf clubs. These come in lots of sizes and options. But all you really need is one that is just large enough to handle your tent. Measure up to the part of the case where it starts to narrow. Once you put the tent in the case you can just pack in additional pieces that will fit and allow the case to close. I was able to add: *  aRead More →

Sunny Florida — Or Is It? So what are we to expect this upcoming weekend?  The forecast is for 60% rain.  And as friends of mine have told me: “This time of year it rains just about every day.  But it may be for five minutes or all day.  Who knows.” So as we are packing for this latest trip what do we take?  We have had rain for two of the first three tailgates and this one does not look much better.  So do I plan for rain or shine?  Wind or calm?  Not something that would normally be of major concern except thatRead More →

Getting ready for FAU… Egad, what to take… Time to decide which tailgate pieces go with us & which stays home.  David thinks we can fit our smaller tent, 2 chairs, the little side table and our small twenty-foot flagpole and stand.  Um… did I mention we’re flying?  That is all going on the plane – in one of those hard golf club cases.  How’s that for thinking outside the box?  We will also be taking the “Rowdy’s Roadhouse Cookies”, in my luggage. 🙂 Unfortunately, none of “the Boys” will be able to join us.  Can you imagine the guy scanning luggage if he sawRead More →

“…one step further” David is not the only one with a tendency to take things ‘one step further’.  When he suggested I make “several” dozen cookies for the big UH Tailgate Party  [special thanks to all the hosts, especially Anthony & Matty]  I just could not stop at a simple sugar, chocolate chip &/or peanut butter cookie.  But how do you elevate humble little cookies and turn them into “Rowdy’s Roadhouse Cookies”?!? Okay, so the peanut butter are simply that.  No tricks, no twists, just topped with orange or blue sugar – you just cannot improve on a yummy peanut butter cookie.  And, initially, thereRead More →