After taking some time off from the blog due to personal reasons, and then moving the blog to a new service, we are almost back online.  The site itself is here with all of the archive articles in place.  A few images and links are still broken, but we will hopefully get those fixed in the coming days along with posting some new content on the 2017 UTSA Football season and our first P5 win. davidRead More →

Another season of UTSA football is finally here and this year it is all new again.  New coaches, new offense, new defense and mostly a new attitude.  This year promises to be something all together new.   With all of these changes, Linda and I have redesigned our blog and will get more active in it again this year.  As is typical, the summer flew by, so we are still getting all of the pieces setup.  But look for changes coming in the next two weeks. In the meantime I’ve got to head back down and get the car loaded up for tomorrow.  10 hoursRead More →

The Night before Tailgating No, I’m not going to do a parody on “Twas the night before Christmas.”  Sorry.  Well, not really sorry.  Just not going to go there.  I have been asked a few times how I get all of the stuff we bring to a home tailgate into the car(s).  In years past, I was limited mostly to a single car, so this year with us bringing both cars to the home games, it is somewhat easier.  But it still takes some thought, planning and more time than I like to admit.  Typically, it takes about two+ hours for me to load upRead More →

Taking Tailgating to the Next Level After spending the previous UTSA football season attending and tailgating at every game I thought we had reached our tailgating pinnacle.  Not much else we could do that we hadn’t already done (ignoring purchasing a tailgating trailer, that is).  But then, during basketball season, we had a number of conversations with various members of the UTSA Athletic Department.  These conversations culminated with a challenge by Lynn Hickey for us to try to “step it up a notch.”  Create a family friendly tailgating experience that is above the rest. Far be it for us to not accept this challenge.  SoRead More →

We have made it past our first tailgate of 2015.  With a morning kickoff, it was short and sweet.  Between the setup and tear down we only had 2 1/2 hours to mingle with the crowd.  We were happy to see a lot of our old friends and acquaintances that dropped by to say hi.  We had a lot of conversations, but one comment I received has stuck in my mind:  “This is what you consider a light tailgate?”  Yes.  We had taken it easy in our minds.  We brought about half of our normal supplies and decor.  Didn’t bring any of the new stuffRead More →